Sitebunch is the first Cloud CMS, multi-site editor, intuitive and intelligent, at the service
of groups and dealer networks.


 What if it were possible    to make a 100 similar  websites all unique ?

Designed for you

Designed for groups and networks

Sitebunch makes it easy to deploy multiple websites and offers to anyone and the ability to create content, thereby enriching the local experience.

  • Sitebunch makes it possible to standardise and guarantee the consistency of the brand image across all networks. Any changes made are immediately propagated to the whole system.

  • The management of all content available for your group (products, texts, images, videos, PDFs) via a single interface.

  • A permanent control on the activity of your network (pages created, users created, analytics).

  • Sitebunch allows you to easily share your brand by creating multiple website and customize them according to your needs

  • An intuitive administrator, combining autonomy and efficiency

  • A digital platform opened to on-demand development to meet your objectives

  • A Cloud service without any maintenance on core, obsolescence or hosting

Designed for visionaries

  • More cost efficient than similar solutions

  • No technical obsolescence

  • No additional accommodation

  • No maintenance on core elements

Even if they are in a hurry

  • Sitebunch allows you to deploy easily /quickly a whole network (nothing to be compare with another solution).

  • Sitebunch experience brings a multitude of solutions already developped that have proven themselves with many customers (Share of informations, content management...).

Design for sharing

Sitebunch understands the need for sharing. 

Whether it's news, jobs, products or any other information, with Sitebunch, it's an easy set up. From “mother” site to “children" sites (or vice versa) and even between “children”.

"Mother" Site

"Children" Sites

A revolutionary content editor that combines simplicity and depth.

Designed for users

Sitebunch offers your users a unique experience in terms of content administration.

  • Sitebunch is naturally optimized by its form and content for natural referencing.

  • Possibility to add a title and an SEO description for each page, which can be indexed by search engines, tags, labels, links...

  • In addition, its content sharing engine between sites can be configured to adapt and localize content for each entity so as not to create "Duplicate Content".

  • In the future a mesh of intelligent links could be automatically created between the sites which increases the "popularity" in the eyes of Google via "Deep Links" and considerably improves the positioning.

Designed to generate trafic

Live preview WYSIWYG.

  • Text editing becomes child's play. Simple, intuitive, and fast. You visualize directly the result. 

    It's still the technology :)

  • A click on the concerned zone, a settings panel is displayed, you can modify the behavior, the components on the fly.

    You see the result directly.

  • Click on the content to administer it or simply choose it in the settings panel. You are in control, it's simple and efficient.

Edit wherever you are

Simplified edition of modules

Edit wherever you are !

Configure it simply

Configure it simply

Thought for the user !

Made in France 

Sitebunch is the only CMS of this type to have a french nationality.

It's been thought, made, designed, developed and tested in France with a team located in Bordeaux.

Sitebunch is supported by :

Contact us :

3 place du Palais
33000 Bordeaux  / France

+33 556 519 421

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Well ahead of the standard offering by current CMS, the platform has been designed around the users with the aim of bringing them understanding and fluidity in their daily work.

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A title, a subtitle, a shadow, a button.

It's your choice!

Simple, intuitive and above all it's directly visible.

E.g. For the module shown, there are 64 possible combinations.

Simplified edition of modules